Eguzki Bideoak

What is Eguzki Bideoak?

Eguzki Bideoak is something else: a political collective which appeared in 1994 a time that now seems so long ago. We began as a media-activist, audiovisual contra-information space. We filmed campaigns, actions and protests by popular groups and collectives within our circles, we edited and distributed an amount of diverse material, usually short videos on VHS and held screenings in town squares, social and cultural often occupied or squatted community spaces. The digital and information technology storm that has hit politics and communication in recent years had an immense influence on our operations. And impelled us along with other people to experiment in “Street TV”, local neighbourhood TV programs and transmissions via streaming on the web and through networks such as indymedia and “Cine pobre” (meaning literally “poor or peoples cinema”). 

Probably, because the world is such a large wide space, today we are still crossing paths with a huge number of video-activists with a desire to tell their stories... and being those who move within the jungle of information, communication and culture, have arrived at the point where we find ourselves up against a wall: the distribution of the material produced. 

For this reason and because the distribution of conventional formats is still valid, in 2006 we decided to embark on the project of distributor of DVD's a part of which is the catalogue you now hold in your hands. A project that goes beyond the distribution of material at a fair price for a everyone, the choice of copyleft and the building up of a network of knowledge and exchange. It's a project that aims to bring change to a certain reality with the opening of holes in the tightly compacted discourse that the powers that be wield on our world and consider exclusively theirs.